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Tweety & Sylvester

Time Passes

Hello, friends!

It's amazing how quickly too much time passes, despite one's intentions. My mouth is well. My husband had a bad turn but he's doing better now.

Deni actually remembered reading my first two pages at the conference. She said she's eager to read the whole manuscript. God, I hope they pick me up. Now, wouldn't that be a story for grandkids. There was once a woman who never wrote seriously until she was old. She never took post high school writing classes, but her first novel was accepted by a publisher. Now, kids, this almost never happens. Blah, blah, blah ...

In the meantime, work's been a bit demanding. Of course, having Mr. Nit-picky Grumpy at home is a huge challenge too. He just returned from two days in the hospital, so he's now doing better. His blood pressure skyrocketed again. Apparently, even though he has a weak, damaged heart, it's the cancer that was complicating things. This time around, anyway.

I'm better, mentally, emotionally, physically.

I've had a new experience. A lesbian has confessed her attraction and feelings for me. I've never even had a non-heterosexual thought in my life. I find the experience complimentary and a bit uncomfortable, mostly because she's so sensitive and being just my friend is tough on her emotions. What a trip.

Starting November 1st I'm only on-call regarding campground work. I won't turn into a better housekeeper, though. I have a story to get out of outline format and into novel format. And you thought I was taking it easy! Surprise! Well, no, you won't be surprised. You know this is a love affair. I do need to get into some kind of routine, though. I hide from depression by sleeping overmuch. At least, I think that's why I'm so tired and/or sleepy all the time.

I think perhaps this is our last calendar year at the campground. I don't think he'll be around next winter. I continue to hope, of course. When things add up and weigh heavy, I think of my LJ friends. People I want to meet in person one day. Persons who offered hearts to a stranger. I think that's why it's so easy to tell you anything. I know I'm not around lately. I'll figure it out. Please continue to be patient with me. I love you all.