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Tweety & Sylvester

Lost Friend

My love got a call this morning. His buddy, the man who was also diagnosed with cancer, passed away this morning. It's hitting him hard. No telling what form the grief will take. Ricky is a mystery still.  I won't be here as of Wednesday afternoon. I'm flying across the continent to attend my youngest (and last) grandchild's high school graduation. I hope he handles it well, considering it reminds him his ticket has an expiration date comparitively soon too.  This is at work and can't get the darned 'enter/return' key to work. Fun.  Anyway, I'm not looking forward to the flight(s) but I am looking forward to seeing loved ones. I wish he could go with me. Not possible this time around. I doubt he'll be traveling 'homeward' until he's ashes. What fun that will be for TSA, no? I gotta' laugh about that one. I grieve for those left behind who knew and loved Ken. I know his pain is over, so I am happy for him. Oddball, aren't I?  Time to get to work. Love you all.


So sorry for this loss.
I also am relieved when those who suffer are finally at peace -- I think that's somewhat normal. :) I hope your trip goes well -- I'll keep you and R in my thoughts and prayers!